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Our names are Alison & Eddie Murray and we are located in central Scotland. on a beautiful wee island called the Isle of Cumbrae  We are major cat lovers!

Our main hobby for many years was breeding beautiful Somali cats for type and temperament.  We then ventured into the cat tree business in 2012.

We remain devoted cat lovers and have a number of cats, but have now retired from breeding cats and also our cat tree creating business.


Alison's cat story

It was only when my family grew up that I found I had some time available ( ...and some money...) to set off on my new adventure of showing and breeding semi long haired cats. It was an expensive hobby and quite an emotional roller coaster with the joy of kittens but then having to let them go to their new homes. However, very rewarding in many other ways for a cat lover like myself to be surrounded by so many beautiful cats and kittens! I soon became known to friends, neighbours and work colleagues as the 'mad cat lady'! The one question everyone seemed to like to ask me was, 'so Alison, how many cats do you have now?' 

Then in 2011, I met Eddie.......

Eddie's cat tree story

Since meeting Alison I am now a cat lover and we have travelled to many cat shows around the country together. At first it was simply to show our cats and meet friends. Then one day, initially for our own cat's use, I decided to use my artistic skills and love of making things to start creating cat furniture suitable for the house and our outside cat runs. The problem with the usual ones bought in shops or online that are made with carpet, MDF and cardboard is that while they look lovely to start with, the cats quickly distress them, then they ultimately destroyed them. Once our cats friends saw my hand made cat trees made from solid wood they wanted one. We were then persuaded to take our creations to cat shows setting up a trade stall. It started off slowly but has since turned into an enjoyable small business for us, a little niche in the market. We now have cats trees all over the UK and some in Europe.

Our story.....

When we saw each other across the dance floor it was one of those 'sliding doors' moments and could so easily not have happened, as neither of us has planned to be there that night. But it was love at first sight....awww... and we are so glad we were each reluctantly dragged along by our friends/family to that party.

In June 2012 we decided to elope to Gretna Green and get married :)  

About Our Cat Family

We are devoted human slaves to our cat family which is a mix of Birman, Somali, Coonali and Chindoll cats. Now we are in a rural location most of our cats have free access to our garden and beyond. Oh how they love their new life in Millport.

Our last litters of Somali kittens moved to their new forever homes in the summer of 2015. We miss the joys of seeing the kittens develop but feel privileged to have experienced this. Sooo, cute.....


We have enjoyed making our cat tree creations for cats up and down the country for many years.  In June 2021, after the COVID pandemic which severely impacted on our business, we have decided to retire.  Thank you everyone who ordered our trees and the wonderful support & feedback over the years.  We wish you good health and happy times with your fur babies.  Take care, maybe we might see you at a cat show once they resume. 

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