About Our Cat Furniture


We run a small family business with just the 2 of us involved to different degrees, i.e. Eddie is the sole master of crafting the trees once the wood has been dried & prepared. 

We are responsible for every stage of the process from sourcing the raw material to marketing and delivering personally to help ensure our customers are happy and their new cat furniture arrives safely. 

Sourcing Raw Material

We can spend hours searching the beaches, rocks and treacherous terrain on the west coast of Scotland to find interesting pieces to use in Eddie's designs. The best time is the winter months after stormy weather which usually means a field trip in the wind and rain. Its a bit of a hit or miss though, as we don't always find driftwood we can use. Sometimes the locals beat us to it and use the wood that has been washed up on their shores as fuel for their fires.  

As we go about our search we see other couples holding hands as they have a romantic walk along the beach while others are walking their dog. Then there we are, we make quite an unusual spectacle, walking along the beaches and rocks, Eddie with his chain saw in one hand and both of us either with a pile of driftwood (hopefully) in our arms or dragging a larger piece along the beach behind us with an expression of determination and exhaustion. 

The picture opposite is a very large tree that was washed up near Irvine harbour early 2015 after many years of being tossed about in the sea. This required the purchase of a very large chain saw with many trips to and from our workshop in Glasgow as there was only so much our van could carry. The end result was some beautiful bases and platforms from well seasoned driftwood. 

Crrailiso Cats HQ

We have a small commercial yard in Millport that we use to dry and season our raw materials and then to create our cat furniture.  

Once the wood has dried we clean and prepare the wood.  

This is a time consuming stage and can mean many many hours of sanding, scraping and cleaning with hand tools. Sanding is a very messy job where we end up covered in dust from head to toe.  

Once the wood has been dried and prepared, its down to Eddie to craft his cat creations from the variety of raw material. He has the natural ability to look at a variety of driftwood pieces and quickly decide how he can put these together in his design.  


Each piece that is hand crafted by Eddie is unique, made from carefully selected driftwood for the uprights with the base and platforms made from solid wood sourced locally. We also use 12mm thick sisal for the scratch areas, which is around double the thickness you normally get on other scratchers. Hence ours last much longer but the sisal can be replaced easily when the time comes. The sisal is also optional if you prefer your tree without we can do that as well. 

While some might say these are expensive items for your cat, they are far more substantial that others which look fine initially but because they are made with MDF and cardboard (under the sisal) they become quite distressed looking in a matter of months and the carpet areas can be tricky to keep clean. 

Crrailiso Cat trees are a piece of beautiful furniture in your home or garden, a pleasure to look at, great fun for your cat to play on and for you to observe the fun.

Designs Available

Our cat trees are very versatile with most being suitable for indoors and outside in your garden or in a cat run. 

We specialise in creations of bespoke cat furniture and cater for the larger breeds such as Maincoons where a substantial tree with extra large platforms is required. We have made trees suitable for blind cats and the older cat that is less able to climb and jump.

As well as catering for all types of cats, we have also made climbing trees for small breeds of monkeys and perches for parrots!

Have a look at the example styles on the next page of our website which include an indication of their size.

Please take into account that photographs of the trees will provide an indication of how wonderful they are but they don't really do them justice as its hard to capture the beauty of the wood. You might find that the photographs of our trees in their new homes help to give some perspective of their size.

If you would like to see our trees 'in the flesh' you are welcome to come and visit us in Millport. Have yourself a wee day out at the seaside... If you are too far away from us to visit, then another idea is to catch us at a cat show nearer to where you live. Check page 1 for details of the cats shows we plan to go to.

How much do they cost?

There is not a set price as each creation is different. The cost depends on the material used, the size, complexity of the design and time taken to create it. As a general guide, a 6 foot ' 'tree is in the range of £375 - £525.  

Home Delivery

As the trees are made from solid wood they are heavy and although they are built so that they can be taken apart and put back together, most of our customer prefer that we deliver to them from the cat show.