"Once I was a mighty tree,

Wind and water carried me,

To lie in shingle by the sea,

Until a skilled hand set me free,

Created as a unique cat tree..."

Occasionally we find a really stunning larger piece of driftwood and incorporate these into a very special design. These will be priced individually according to size, complexity of design and the work involved to produced - but will be a truly unique piece of furniture to own.

Some of our recent and most unique creations are displayed below. The pictures don't really do them justice but will at least give you an idea of the variety of styles that can be created when we find a wonderful piece of driftwood. It doesn't happen very often sadly, but we keep looking for that special piece!

The 'hollow hideout' design

This is a stunning example made from gnarly wood for the upright and an amazing piece of hollowed out tree trunk. We found these beside a farm track next to a shingle beach mostly hidden by tall grass. We thought we would never find such a wonderful hollow again any time soon. It sold quickly when we brought it out for a cat show.

Then about 6 months later we went back to the same area we found the hollow above... and to our amazement we spotted another hollowed out tree trunk just visible through the undergrowth next to the shingle beach. A lucky find indeed. So we made another version and the couple that bought the one above, also bought the next one below. Very lucky cats :)  

 This small photo shows the wonderful shape of the wood in the upright, all gnarly, wavy and twisty!

The 'driftwood extravaganza' design

We found this wonderful driftwood on a shingle beach after stormy weather close on the south west coast of Scotland. The large curve on the left of the tree is all one piece of driftwood. 

A one off design with 1 scratch post added on the right along with 3 mahogany platforms - a real beauty. 

This item was sold before we managed to place it at our stall at a cat show.  

Size wise the cat tree is about 5 feet tall by 4 feet at its widest point.

Cat Hammocks

We also make hammocks for wall fixing in single and double sizes. Made with luxury fur for your furry friends to snuggle into for the all essential cat nap. 

(Our cats are modelling in these pictures).

The 'massive chunky' with seat design

is a massive tree mostly made from one piece of driftwood we hauled off some rocks which was no mean feat! About 6 feet wide and the same high.  

We carved a seat in the middle so the owner can sit there and be surrounded by their cats, if they so desire.

The 'contemporary' design

The wood this one is made of is around 700 years old, give or take 50 years. Its re-claimed Brazilian Mahogany from before 'save the rain forest'. You can't buy this wood anymore, but I found some in a salvage yard that came from a town house in Edinburgh when it was renovated. This is the only tree I have made out of this particular kind of wood, but no doubt there will be more to follow. A totally different style to all my other trees!  

Garden Seat with Table

We were commissioned by an owner of one of our kittens (Baxter the adventurer as seen in the photo opposite) to make a garden bench with table.  

They live on the outskirts of Edinburgh and Baxter can roam with reasonable safety.... but he does get about a bit!

The 'Thinking Mushrooms'.....

Below is a mushroom sculpture with a hollow tree for the kittybits to hide in. I originally made this as a centre piece for our trade stand at cat shows. But a Lady wanted to buy them & wouldn't take no for an answer! Her daughter sits on the large mushroom in the middle and calls it her 'thinking mushrooms'!!!  

The 'gnarly mini grand'

A single piece of driftwood that was one of the more unusual finds, made into a low level cat tree to show of the beauty of this gnarly wood. Fabulous!  

 new owners have noticed that at night time when the cat is in the house, wild Parakeets perch on the 'cat' tree! believe it or not, this is in the London suburbs.   

The unique 'ivy & hideout' design

We love when we find driftwood of a tree that had ivy growing up it. A rare find but when we include in our design it sells fast as its stunningly beautiful once cleaned up. 

This photo really doe not do this wonderful creation justice. The ivy wrapping the tree has been lovingly cleaned and polished (this alone took Alison 4 days...) and the tree beside it, hollowed out (another day's effort for Alison). The end result is a piece of art - truly beautiful for even a non cat house to have on display! 

This one sold instantly when the cat show opened and throughout the day we could have sold again many times over.

The 'hideout hollow' design

A lovely example of this design with platforms made from gnarly slices of oak. A very heavy piece which we had to dismantle to get into the new owner's lounge. We were fortunate to source this small section of tree trunk that was rotten in the middle which we then scooped out by hand to create the hideout. Eddie made a door and some windows for the cat to enter and then look out while hiding. Purrfect!

Cat Cafes

A new craze in the UK is the opening of a number of Cat Cafes. In the last few years we have been commissioned to fully fit out 2 Cat Cafes, one in London and another in Derby. We made all the tables, chairs, benches for the humans plus all the trees, resting wall shelves, bridges etc for the resident cats.